Sunday, October 26, 2014

Protest in front of Police HQ today in Iceland october 24. 2014 video and photos

Icelandic Coast Guard Bought 250 MP5 ,machine guns , From the Norwegian Army. According to the local media , the Police in Iceland will get them .
 Because of this , few hundred people had a protest meeting in front of the Police HQ in Reykjavik today . They are protesting , to this recent Police getting MP5 machine guns. Iceland has been proud to be a peaceful and with no army.
 So why is the Police byuing from Norway , machine guns and many Glock-17 handguns. A group has been formed ,wich is called , "Return the guns to Norway "
 The protest in front of the Police station was peaceful . People came with water pistols , and then broke them and put at the feet of one of the Police officer.
Protesters and the police talked friendly during the protest . Iceland Police does have a SWAT team - but ordinary Policemen are not armed .

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